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Terms Of Services

Terms & Conditions

Down Payment :

30% Down Payment & 70% Installment.



Interested client(s) will submit application in prescribed form supplied by the company duly signed by the applicant along with Booking Money. The company has the right to accept or reject any application without any reason.


On acceptance on an application, the Company will issue an allotment letter to the application on receipt of which the applicant/allottee shall making payment as per the Schedule of payment made by the Company. Allotments of Apartments are made on first come-first served basis.


Payments of Booking Money, installments,Car park, cost of additional works and other charges shall be made by the allottee in Cash, Bank Draft or Pay Order in favor of Tani Construction Ltd. against which respective receipts will be issued. The purchaser is liable to pay a delay charge of 2% per month on the defaulted amount if the payment is delayed beyond 2(two) months. Tani Construction Ltd. has the right to cancel the allotment. In case of cancellation of allotment or surrender of apartment, due refund will be made after deducting the booking money and realizing the refund amount from the new clients/purchaser.

Utility Connection:

Connection fee, security for water, gas, electricity and other incidental expenses are not included in the price of apartment. These payments will be made by the Company directly to the authorities concerned, on the allottee. The allottee will be charged on actual costs basis.

Transfer of Ownership:

Proportionate share of indivisible land as well as apartment will be registered in favor of each clients as per the current rules and regulations of RAJUK.

No allottee shall have the right to transfer the allotment to any third party before payment of the full cost of the apartment and other costs without written consent of the Company.

Transfer Cost:

All cost related to transfer of ownership like transfer fee, stamp duty, registration fee, VAT, Govt. Tax, documentation charges, incidental expenses will be born by the investor/clients/purchaser on actual basis.

Owners Association:

An owners association will be formed. All allottee after full payment of the installment and dues must become members of this association which is obligatory for the common interest of all. Each allottee (for each allotment apartment) must initially deposit taka 20,000/- (Twenty Thousand) Only in the reserve fund for the management expenses of the complex.